Inspire M5 Multi Gym

Sale price$4,699.00

The Inspire M5 Multi Gym is a versatile and comprehensive multi-gym station suitable for both home and commercial facilities. It offers a unique press arm that provides both fixed pressing exercises and free motion movements, allowing for a well-rounded workout.

Key Properties:

  • Orthopedic Pads: Designed to provide exceptional comfort during workouts.
  • "Hybrid" Design: Combines fixed and functional training for a varied workout experience.
  • Space-Saving "L" Shaped Design: Maximizes floor space while offering a wide range of exercise options.
  • Dual 210 lb. Weight Stacks: Allows for multiple users to train simultaneously.
  • Fixed and Cable Motion Press Station: Offers versatility in training chest muscles.
  • Seated Leg Extension and Curl: Targets glutes and hamstring muscles for lower body strength and definition.
  • Dual Back Pad Adjustment: Provides superior fit and comfort during exercises.
  • Calf Block Standard: Enables calf exercises for lower body development.
  • Adjustable Preacher Curl Station: Allows for targeted bicep workouts.
  • Two Exercise Placards Standard: Provides guidance on exercise options and proper form.


  • Without Optional Leg Press: Length 100” x Width 88” x Height 83.5” – 85”.
  • With Optional Leg Press: Length 116” x Width 88” x Height 83.5” – 85”.

The Inspire M5 Multi Gym is designed to offer a wide range of exercises in a compact footprint. With its durable construction, comfortable design, and versatile functionality, it's an ideal choice for individuals and facilities seeking a comprehensive strength training solution.