Introducing NuStep – a brand born from a vision of making safe and accessible exercise possible for everyone. Founded in the late 1980s by Dick Sarns, a designer of medical devices for heart surgery, NuStep began with a mission to revolutionize exercise equipment for cardiac rehabilitation.

Inspired by the limitations of existing exercise equipment and new research on the role of exercise in heart disease prevention and recovery, Dick and his team, including his son Steve, introduced the seated recumbent stepper in the 1990s. This groundbreaking innovation quickly gained acceptance in healthcare and senior living communities, setting the gold standard for inclusive exercise equipment.

Over the decades, NuStep has continued to evolve and innovate, introducing new products such as the UE8 Upper Body Ergometer and the RB8 Recumbent Bike. These additions to our product line reflect our ongoing commitment to enhancing accessibility and usability while providing effective workouts for users of all ages and abilities.


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