Stair Climbers

Welcome to Body Basics' Stair Climbers Collection – your stairway to a challenging and effective cardio workout. Explore our curated selection of premium stair climbers, meticulously designed to simulate the experience of climbing stairs for an intense lower-body workout.

With their adjustable resistance levels and ergonomic design, our stair climbers offer a low-impact yet high-intensity cardio option suitable for users of all fitness levels. Whether you're looking to burn calories, tone your legs, or improve cardiovascular health, our stair climbers provide a versatile and efficient workout solution.

Take your fitness routine to new heights with Body Basics' Stair Climbers Collection. Shop now and elevate your cardio workouts with the ultimate stair climbing experience.


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Spirit XS895 Stepper HIIT TrainerSpirit XS895 Stepper HIIT Trainer
Spirit CS800 StepperSpirit CS800 Stepper
Spirit CS800 Stepper Sale price$2,699.00
Spirit CVC800 Vertical ClimberSpirit CVC800 Vertical Climber
Spirit CVC800 Vertical Climber Sale price$3,799.00
True Palisade ClimberTrue Palisade Climber
True Palisade Climber Sale priceFrom $9,799.00
Spirit CSC900 Stair ClimberSpirit CSC900 Stair Climber
Spirit CSC900 Stair Climber Sale price$9,999.00