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Welcome to True Fitness – where premium home fitness equipment meets unparalleled integrity since 1981. With a foundation built on expertise in commercial fitness, we're committed to delivering club-inspired quality right to your doorstep.

Our machines are crafted with innovation at their core, featuring industry-leading features designed to enhance comfort, convenience, and enjoyment for users of all levels. Rigorously tested for durability and performance, True Fitness equipment is engineered to withstand the demands of long-term, repeated use.

Experience the True difference – from the seamless purchasing process to expert customer service support, we're dedicated to ensuring your fitness journey is effortless and rewarding. Explore our collection today and elevate your home workout experience with True Fitness.


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True 200 Upright BikeTrue 200 Upright Bike
True 200 Upright Bike Sale price$2,699.00
True PS100 Recumbent Bike
True PS100 Recumbent Bike Sale price$2,799.00
True M50 TreadmillTrue M50 Treadmill
True M50 Treadmill Sale price$2,999.00
True 400 Upright BikeTrue 400 Upright Bike
True 400 Upright Bike Sale priceFrom $3,069.00
True ES700 Recumbent BikeTrue ES700 Recumbent Bike
True ES700 Recumbent Bike Sale priceFrom $3,099.00
True ES900 Upright BikeTrue ES900 Upright Bike
True ES900 Upright Bike Sale priceFrom $3,099.00
True M30 EllipticalTrue M30 Elliptical
True M30 Elliptical Sale price$3,199.00
True 200 Recumbent BikeTrue 200 Recumbent Bike
True 200 Recumbent Bike Sale price$3,399.00
True M50 EllipticalTrue M50 Elliptical
True M50 Elliptical Sale price$3,499.00
True PS100 Elliptical
True PS100 Elliptical Sale price$3,699.00
True 900 Upright BikeTrue 900 Upright Bike
True 900 Upright Bike Sale priceFrom $3,799.00
True 400 Recumbent BikeTrue 400 Recumbent Bike
True 400 Recumbent Bike Sale priceFrom $3,799.00
True Quickfit Multi Station Home Gym
True Performance 1000 TreadmillTrue Performance 1000 Treadmill
True Performance 1000 Treadmill Sale priceFrom $4,299.00
True Performance 300 XPS300 EllipticalTrue Performance 300 XPS300 Elliptical
True 900 Recumbent BikeTrue 900 Recumbent Bike
True 900 Recumbent Bike Sale priceFrom $4,599.00
True PS900 Commercial TreadmillTrue PS900 Commercial Treadmill
True Performance 3000 TreadmillTrue Performance 3000 Treadmill
True Performance 3000 Treadmill Sale priceFrom $4,799.00
True Z5.0 TreadmillTrue Z5.0 Treadmill
True Z5.0 Treadmill Sale price$5,099.00
True 200 EllipticalTrue 200 Elliptical
True 200 Elliptical Sale price$5,399.00