Fitness Equipment for Every BODY. What does that mean to Body Basics?

Fitness Equipment isn't always about losing some weight.  It can include one of many of the following benefits.

  1. I would like to be more active with my Grandchildren.
  2. I have a medical condition that could be improved with extra activity.
  3. Diabetics can help control their blood sugars by increasing activity.
  4. Heart patients are typically encouraged to elevate their heart rate regularly throughout the week.
  5. Joint replacement recipients require rehab to improve strength and mobility.
  6. Weight loss or maintenance can help increase some individuals self esteem.
  7. My general health is good, but I would like to strength train to allow me to be more active and enjoy my good health.
  8. The marathon/Activity is right around the corner.  I need to put in some extra miles if I plan on finishing or improving my outcome.
  9. I just know I feel better when I exercise, but the weather in Nebraska doesn't always cooperate.
  10. Other:


Vote for which one of the above fits your motivation when you are looking for a new piece of fitness equipment.