Body Solid GVKR60 Vertical Knee Raise & Dip Station

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Body Solid GVKR60 Vertical Knee Raise & Dip: Sculpt Your Abs and Build Upper Body Strength

The Body Solid GVKR60 Vertical Knee Raise & Dip machine is designed to provide an intense abdominal workout while also targeting the upper body muscles. This versatile piece of equipment eliminates strain on the lower back, making it ideal for strengthening the core and sculpting the waistline.

Key Features:

  • Intense Ab Workout: The Vertical Knee Raise Machine is specifically designed to target the abdominal muscles, helping you achieve a toned and sculpted midsection.

  • Easy Step Entry: Convenient step entry makes it effortless to get started with your workout, allowing you to focus on your exercises without delay.

  • Comfortable Design: Thick, comfortable DuraFirm™ back pads and arm supports reduce fatigue and discomfort, enabling you to maintain proper form and technique throughout your workout.

  • Dip Station Handles: The machine features dip station handles with oversized handgrips, providing a killer workout for the triceps, deltoids, and lower pecs.

  • Sturdy Construction: Heavy-gauge steel frames with all-4-side welded construction ensure rock-solid support and stability, allowing you to perform exercises with confidence.

Ideal for:

  • Sculpting and toning the abdominal muscles
  • Strengthening the upper body, including the triceps, deltoids, and lower pecs

Whether you're looking to achieve a chiseled midsection or build upper body strength, the Body Solid GVKR60 Vertical Knee Raise & Dip machine offers a comprehensive solution. Its durable construction, comfortable design, and versatile functionality make it a valuable addition to any home or commercial gym environment.