Body Solid Olympic Spring Collar Pair

Sale price$12.99

Ensure quick and secure weight plate changes with the Body Solid OC06PR Olympic Spring Collar Pair. Crafted from the highest quality spring steel, these collars offer durability and reliability for your Olympic barbell workouts. Sold in pairs, they provide convenience and ease of use during your training sessions.

  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from premium spring steel, these collars are built to withstand the demands of intense workouts, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Super-Fast Changes: The innovative design allows for rapid weight plate changes, enabling you to maintain momentum during your lifts and transitions between exercises.

  • Sold in Pairs: Each purchase includes a pair of Olympic spring collars, providing you with everything you need to secure your weight plates effectively on the barbell.

The Body Solid OC06PR Olympic Spring Collar Pair is a must-have accessory for any Olympic barbell setup, offering reliability, convenience, and peace of mind during your strength training sessions.