Hudson Steel Company Grand Central Leg Press Option

Sale price$2,999.00

Enhance Your Workout Experience with the Grand Central Leg Press Attachment

Designed as the perfect complement to the Grand Central Multi-Station, the Grand Central Leg Press Attachment takes your leg workout to the next level. This add-on feature seamlessly integrates with the multi-station system, offering users a comprehensive lower body workout in a compact and efficient package.

Special Features:

  1. Compact Modular Design: The Grand Central Leg Press Attachment maintains the same space-saving design philosophy as the multi-station system, ensuring minimal floor space is required. Its modular construction seamlessly integrates with the main unit, providing additional exercise options without compromising on space.

  2. Group Training Capability: With the ability to accommodate up to four exercisers simultaneously, the Grand Central Leg Press Attachment is perfect for group training sessions. This feature makes it ideal for commercial gyms, fitness studios, or multi-user home environments.

  3. Clear Exercise Chart: An included exercise chart provides users with clear guidance on proper form and recommended exercises for the leg press attachment. This ensures that users can perform exercises safely and effectively, maximizing their workout potential.

  4. Standard Weight Stacks: The leg press attachment comes standard with 200lbs weight stacks, providing ample resistance for leg press exercises. Additionally, full-length protective steel weight shrouds ensure user safety during workouts.

Experience the versatility and convenience of the Grand Central Leg Press Attachment, designed to complement the Grand Central Multi-Station and elevate your leg training regimen to new heights. With its compact design, group training capability, and standard weight stack, this add-on attachment is the perfect addition to any fitness space.