Hudson Steel Company Neoprene Dumbbells

Weight: 1
Sale price$1.99

Discover the versatility and durability of Hudson Steel Company Neoprene Dumbbells, designed to enhance your workout experience.

Unique Hex Head Design: Featuring a hex head design that prevents rolling and allows for easy stacking, our Neoprene Dumbbells provide stability during exercises.

Comfortable Neoprene Coverings: The neoprene coverings ensure a comfortable grip and are resistant to rust, cracking, and fading, guaranteeing long-term use and enjoyment.

Perfect for Various Workouts: Whether in a commercial gym or at home, our Neoprene Dumbbells are ideal for a wide range of workouts, including jogging, power walking, aerobics, general exercise, physical therapy, and yoga routines.

Available in Incremental Weights: Available in black only, each dumbbell size is clearly marked with poundage. Choose from incremental weights ranging from 1 lb to 10 lbs, allowing for customized workouts tailored to your fitness level.

Individual or Set Options: Hudson’s Neoprene Dumbbells can be purchased individually or as a set, providing flexibility in creating your ideal workout setup.

Priced at $1.99 per Pound: Enjoy competitive pricing at $1.99 per pound, making quality fitness equipment accessible and affordable.

Upgrade your workout routine with Hudson Steel Company Neoprene Dumbbells, built to withstand even the most rigorous exercise routines.