Hudson Steel Company The Grand Central Multi Station Gym

Sale price$9,999.00

Experience the Ultimate Fitness Revolution with The Grand Central Multi-Station

The Grand Central Multi-Station from Hudson Steel is a revolutionary fitness solution designed to deliver a comprehensive workout experience in a single, compact package. This modular marvel redefines gym efficiency, offering multiple exercise stations in one sleek unit, perfect for both commercial and residential settings.

Optional Add-on:  Grand Central Leg Press (Sold Separately)

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Configuration: The Grand Central Multi-Station allows you to customize your setup according to your fitness needs. Choose between a three-station or four-station configuration, with the option to add a leg press & hack squat station for added versatility.

  2. Compact Design: Its modular design maximizes space efficiency without compromising functionality, making it an ideal choice for environments with limited floor space.

  3. User-Friendly Exercise Chart: An included exercise chart provides clear guidance on proper form and detailed instructions for each station, ensuring safe and effective workouts for all users.

  4. Enhanced Safety: Equipped with 200lb weight stacks and full-length steel weight shrouds on each station, The Grand Central Multi-Station prioritizes user safety during every workout session.

  5. Standard 200lb Weight Stack: Each station comes standard with a 200lb weight stack, providing ample resistance for a wide range of strength training exercises.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast looking to optimize your home gym or a commercial facility seeking a versatile training solution, The Grand Central Multi-Station delivers unparalleled performance and convenience in a sleek and stylish package. Experience the future of fitness with Hudson Steel's innovative multi-station gym system.