Smart Stability Ball Self-Guided

Size: 65cm
Sale price$34.99

Smart Stability Ball

Enhance your fitness routine with the Smart Stability Ball, designed for users of all fitness levels for a comprehensive workout experience.

Self-Guided Fitness: The Smart Stability Ball features self-guided exercises suitable for users at all fitness levels, offering a versatile and convenient workout solution.

13 Printed Exercises: Easily reference 13 exercises printed directly on the ball, providing guidance and inspiration for your workout sessions.

Anti-Burst PVC Construction: Crafted from anti-burst PVC material, this stability ball offers durability and safety during exercises, ensuring reliable performance throughout your workout routine.

Includes Pump: Each Smart Stability Ball comes with a pump included, allowing for easy inflation to your desired firmness level.

Upgrade your fitness equipment with the Smart Stability Ball, providing a versatile and effective tool for your exercise regimen.