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Welcome to Octane Fitness – where innovation meets performance to redefine the cardio experience. For over twenty years, Octane has been at the forefront of elliptical technology, pioneering innovations that have transformed how people view cardio workouts.

Today, Octane offers a dynamic portfolio of high-performance cardio products designed to fuel lives and empower individuals to reach their fitness goals. As a division of TRUE Fitness, a global leader in premium fitness products for over 40 years, Octane is committed to delivering innovative products, dedicated resources, and uncompromised quality with integrity.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize the cardio experience. Explore our collection today and discover why Octane Fitness is trusted by facilities and individuals alike.


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Octane ADX Air BikeOctane ADX Air Bike
Octane ADX Air Bike Sale price$1,799.00
Save $300.00
Octane Rō RowerOctane Rō Rower
Octane Rō Rower Sale price$1,899.00 Regular price$2,199.00
Save $400.00
Octane Surge Indoor Cycle BikeOctane Surge Indoor Cycle Bike
Octane Surge Indoor Cycle Bike Sale price$2,399.00 Regular price$2,799.00
Octane Q35x EllipticalOctane Q35x Elliptical
Octane Q35x Elliptical Sale price$2,999.00
Octane Q37x EllipticalOctane Q37x Elliptical
Octane Q37x Elliptical Sale price$3,799.00
Octane Q37xi EllipticalOctane Q37xi Elliptical
Octane Q37xi Elliptical Sale price$4,399.00
Octane xRide xR6x Seated EllipticalOctane xRide xR6x Seated Elliptical
Octane Q47x EllipticalOctane Q47x Elliptical
Octane Q47x Elliptical Sale price$5,699.00
Octane Pro3700C EllipticalOctane Pro3700C Elliptical
Octane Pro3700C Elliptical Sale price$5,999.00
Octane Q47xi EllipticalOctane Q47xi Elliptical
Octane Q47xi Elliptical Sale price$6,299.00
Octane XT3700 EllipticalOctane XT3700 Elliptical
Octane XT3700 Elliptical Sale priceFrom $6,999.00
Octane XT4700 EllipticalOctane XT4700 Elliptical
Octane XT4700 Elliptical Sale priceFrom $7,999.00
Octane xRide XR6000S Recumbent EllipticalOctane xRide XR6000S Recumbent Elliptical
Octane XT-ONE EllipticalOctane XT-ONE Elliptical
Octane XT-ONE Elliptical Sale priceFrom $9,599.00
Octane LATERALX EllipticalOctane LATERALX Elliptical
Octane LATERALX Elliptical Sale priceFrom $9,599.00