Octane LATERALX Elliptical

Console Options: Standard
Sale price$9,599.00

Introduce a new dimension of excitement and effectiveness to your cardio floor with the Octane LateralX, the ultimate lateral elliptical designed for commercial gyms. Boasting advanced features and innovative design elements, the LateralX offers numerous benefits for both your facility and your clients.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Side-to-Side & Stepping Motion: The LateralX allows users to engage in lateral movements, offering a unique and effective way to target different muscle groups and enhance overall fitness. With adjustable side-to-side and stepping motions, users can customize their workout experience to suit their individual preferences and fitness goals.

  • MultiGrip and Converging Path Handlebars: Equipped with MultiGrip handlebars and converging path technology, the LateralX provides a comfortable and ergonomic upper body workout. The handlebars mimic the natural path of motion of the human body, ensuring a smooth and effective exercise experience that maximizes muscle engagement and calorie burn.

  • Space-Efficient Design: Octane's signature space-saving design ensures that the LateralX maximizes your gym's layout without compromising on performance or functionality. Whether you have limited space or a sprawling fitness floor, this lateral elliptical can seamlessly integrate into your facility, adding versatility and excitement to your cardio offerings.

  • Advanced Programs: The LateralX comes equipped with a variety of advanced workout programs designed to challenge and motivate users of all fitness levels. From interval training to endurance workouts, users can choose from a range of options to achieve their fitness goals and keep their workouts fresh and engaging.

Enhance your gym members' cardio training experience and elevate your facility with the Octane LateralX. With its adjustable motion options, ergonomic handlebars, space-efficient design, and advanced programs, this lateral elliptical offers a dynamic and effective workout solution that will take your cardio floor to the next level.