Octane xRide XR6000S Recumbent Elliptical

Sale price$7,999.00

Revolutionize the cardio experience for your gym members with the Octane xRide XR6000s seated elliptical. This innovative exercise machine combines the benefits of an elliptical workout with the comfort of a seated position, offering a truly enjoyable and effective cardio solution.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable Swivel Seat: The xRide XR6000s features a comfortable swivel seat that allows users to shift between an active and relaxed seated position with ease. This innovative design ensures optimal comfort throughout the workout, reducing strain on backs and joints while providing a smooth and comfortable exercise experience.

  • PowerStroke Technology: With PowerStroke technology, the xRide XR6000s delivers a powerful and efficient elliptical motion that engages both the upper and lower body muscles. This technology ensures that every step is as effective as the one before, maximizing workout efficiency and results.

  • Active Seat Position: The xRide XR6000s offers an active seat position that allows users to optimize their comfort and workout intensity. Whether users prefer a more upright position for a challenging workout or a reclined position for a more relaxed exercise experience, the adjustable seat ensures optimal comfort and performance.

  • Convenient Step-Through Design: Designed with user convenience in mind, the xRide XR6000s features a step-through design that makes it easy to mount and dismount the machine. This feature is especially beneficial for users with mobility limitations or those who require additional assistance during their workouts.

  • Upper/Lower Body Isolation: The xRide XR6000s allows users to isolate and target specific muscle groups in the upper and lower body, providing a comprehensive and effective workout experience. Whether users want to focus on strengthening their legs, arms, or core, this seated elliptical offers versatility and customization options.

Experience the ultimate in seated elliptical technology with the Octane xRide XR6000s. Contact a representative today to learn more and get a quote for your gym!