True Z5.0 Treadmill

Sale price$5,099.00

The TRUE Fitness Z5.0 Treadmill combines durability, performance, and style in a compact design that fits seamlessly into any home gym. With its heavy-gauge, robotically welded steel frame and advanced features, the Z5.0 treadmill offers a superior workout experience. Here's an overview of its key features:

1. TRUE Soft System® Deck

  • The Z5.0 treadmill features TRUE's Soft System®, providing a biomechanically correct running surface.
  • Neoprene shock absorbers in the front of the deck cushion each foot strike, while the back of the deck offers a firmer sensation for a strong push-off with every step.
  • This system reduces impact on the joints and knees, ensuring a comfortable and low-impact workout experience.

2. Easy-to-Use Console

  • The Z5.0 Treadmill is equipped with a Two Window LCD Display console with quick-touch speed and incline keys for easy navigation during workouts.
  • Users can conveniently adjust speed and incline settings with the quick access keys, enhancing the usability of the treadmill.

3. GymTrakr Technology

  • The Z5.0 treadmill includes GymTrakr App compatibility, allowing users to manage workout data and track performance in real-time.
  • TRUE HRC Heart Rate Cruise Control™ enables users to monitor and maintain their target heart rate throughout the workout automatically.

4. Superior Construction

  • Built with commercial-grade materials, the Z5.0 treadmill offers exceptional durability and performance.
  • The robotically welded heavy-gauge steel frame ensures stability and longevity, backed by comprehensive warranty coverage.

5. Quiet and Smooth Operation

  • The Z5.0 treadmill features a state-of-the-art motor and proprietary belt and deck system, providing the quietest and smoothest workout possible.
  • Its intelligent design minimizes noise, making it suitable for home use without disturbing other household members or neighbors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Source: 110V/15A
  • Cord Length: 8 feet / 2.4 meters
  • Belt: Lubricant Infused Orthopedic
  • Speed Range: 0.5 to 12.0 MPH / 0.8 to 19.3 KMH
  • Incline/Decline Range: 0% to 15%
  • Frame Construction: Robotically Welded Heavy-Gauge Steel
  • Handrail Design: Protective Dipped
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact and Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring (Polar® Compatible)

Physical Specifications:

  • Footprint: 68" L x 28" W x 55" H (172 cm x 71 cm x 140 cm)
  • Running Surface: 54" L x 20" W (137 cm x 51 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 260 lbs / 118 kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs / 181 kg
  • Step-Up Height: 5.5" / 14 cm
  • Portability: 2 Front Transport Wheels


  • Residential Warranty:
    • Frame: Lifetime
    • Motor: 30 Years
    • Parts: 10 Years
    • Labor: 1 Year

In summary, the TRUE Fitness Z5.0 Treadmill offers a premium workout experience with its innovative features, durable construction, and compact design, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a high-quality treadmill for home use.