Body Solid G3S Home Gym

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Body Solid G3S Selectorized Home Gym: Maximum Muscle Engagement and Versatility

The Body Solid G3S Selectorized Home Gym is engineered to provide an exceptional range of motion and full adjustability, catering to users of all sizes. With its multi-grip press arm system and versatile cable attachments, this home gym offers a comprehensive workout experience for every major muscle group.


  • Multi-Grip Press Arm System: Enables chest, incline, and shoulder press movements, delivering deep muscle interaction for effective upper body workouts.

  • Mid Row Handles: Perform exhilarating mid and lower back exercises without needing to sit on the floor, increasing flexibility, strength, and relieving lower back stress.

  • No Cable Change Design: Quickly switch between high, mid, and low pulley exercises without the hassle of changing cables, allowing for seamless transitions between different exercises.

  • Versatile Cable Attachments: Included cable attachments enable a wide range of exercises including lat pull downs, triceps press downs, biceps curls, resistance abdominal crunches, and more.

  • Leg Extension/Leg Curl Station: Fully adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes, featuring thick foam rollers for maximum comfort during leg exercises.

  • Optional Leg Press/Calf Press Station: Enhance your lower body workout with up to 420 lbs of resistance, adding versatility and intensity to your training routine.

  • Biomechanically Designed: Traditional press bar, lat pulldown station, and leg developer station are all biomechanically engineered for maximum muscle engagement and development.

  • Selectorized Weight Stack: Comes with a 160 lb (73kg) selectorized weight stack, with an optional upgrade to a 210 lb (95kg) weight stack for increased resistance.

  • Comfortable and Durable: High-density DuraFirm pads with lumbar support ensure comfort during workouts, while the 12-gauge mainframe construction guarantees maximum strength, function, and durability.

Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions:
    • Floor Space: 80"L x 47"W x 84"H
    • Live Working Area: 85"L x 47"W x 84"H

Body Focus:

  • Abs, Biceps, Delts, Lats, Obliques, Pectorals, Quads, Shoulders, Total Body, Traps, Triceps


  • Bench Press, Pull Over, Upright Row, Deltoid Raise, Shoulder Press, Wide Grip Front Lat Pulldown, Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown, Bent Over Row, Seated Row, Shoulder Shrug, Ab Crunch, Oblique Bend, Biceps Curl (standing), Tricep Press Down, Tricep Extension, Tricep Kickback, Leg Extension, Glute Kick, Standing Leg Curl, Outer Thigh Abduction, Inner Thigh Adduction, Reverse Fly