Body Solid GDIB46L Power Center Combo Bench

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Body Solid GDIB46L Power Center Combo Bench: The Ultimate Total-Body Workout Solution

Experience the versatility and convenience of the most comprehensive combo bench available - the Body Solid GDIB46L Power Center Combo Bench. Designed to offer a complete workout solution, this bench combines multiple exercise functionalities in one compact and durable unit, allowing users to target various muscle groups with ease.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Exercise Options: The GDIB46L functions as a Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Decline Bench, 90° Shoulder Press Bench, and Seated Leg Developer, providing users with a wide range of exercise possibilities to target different muscle groups effectively.

  • Adjustable Design: With its multi-position, telescoping uprights and 6-position Flat / Incline / Decline / Bench feature, this bench offers flexibility and adaptability to accommodate different exercise preferences and user heights. The pop-pin adjustable DuraFirm™ seat and back pads ensure comfort and support during workouts.

  • Robust Construction: The GDIB46L is built with an extra-heavy 12-gauge all-4-side welded high tensile strength steel mainframe, ensuring rock-solid strength and stability even during intense workouts. The bench is designed to withstand heavy use and provide reliable performance over time.

  • Leg Extension / Leg Curl Station: Strengthen and tone your lower body muscles with the included six-roller Leg Extension / Leg Curl Station. Thick, oversized foam rollers ensure comfort and support during leg exercises, allowing users to push their limits with confidence.

Optional Stations:

  • Preacher Curl Station (#GPCA1): Optimize your biceps development with the Preacher Curl Station, which provides a comfortable and effective way to perform bicep curls and other arm exercises.

  • Lat Pulldown / Low Pulley Station (#GLRA81): Accelerate your back and deltoid development with the Lat Pulldown / Low Pulley Station, which offers a variety of exercises to target your upper body muscles.

Enhance Your Workout Experience:

  • Total-Body Workout: With its versatile design and multiple exercise functionalities, the GDIB46L Power Center Combo Bench allows users to perform a full-body workout, targeting both upper and lower body muscle groups for comprehensive fitness results.

  • Comfort and Support: The bench features extra-thick, ultra-comfortable DuraFirm™ seat and back pads that provide support throughout your workout, ensuring optimal comfort even during intense training sessions.

  • Durable Construction: Built to last, the GDIB46L is constructed with high-quality materials and designed to withstand heavy use in home gyms, garage gyms, and commercial fitness facilities. It offers a reliable and durable workout solution for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.