Hudson Steel Company Flatiron Cage

Sale price$2,499.00

The Flatiron Cage from Hudson Steel is a versatile and robust fitness solution designed to support a wide range of freestyle weight training exercises. With its sturdy construction and innovative features, this cage provides the perfect platform for athletes of all levels to enhance their strength and power.

Option to add Flatiron Bench (Sold Separately)
Option to add Empire Bench (Sold Separately)

Key Features:

  1. Double-Sided Quick-Adjust J-Hooks: The Flatiron Cage is equipped with double-sided J-hooks that can be easily adjusted to accommodate various exercises, including bench presses, squats, deadlifts, and military presses. This versatile design ensures seamless transitions between different movements, allowing for efficient and effective workouts.

  2. Multi-Functional Pull-Up Bar: Featuring three different grips, the pull-up bar offers versatility and convenience for upper body workouts. The diamond-patterned knurling provides a secure grip, reducing the risk of slipping and ensuring maximum stability during pull-up exercises.

  3. Ample Storage Options: With three barbell plate storage rods on each side and dedicated barbell storage, the Flatiron Cage keeps your equipment organized and easily accessible. Additionally, three resistance band hooks on each side provide added versatility for resistance training.

  4. Adjustable Design: The Flatiron Cage offers 13 adjustment positions, spaced 4 inches apart, with a height range from 18 to 67.5 inches. This extensive range of adjustment options allows users to customize their workout settings to suit their individual preferences and fitness goals.

  5. Safety and Stability: The cage features double-sided quick-adjust safety arms to ensure maximum safety during heavy lifting sessions. Additionally, the included landmine attachment adds versatility to your workouts, allowing for a wide range of functional exercises.

Transform your training routine with the Hudson Steel Flatiron Cage and experience the ultimate in strength and performance. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this cage provides the durability, versatility, and functionality you need to achieve your goals and surpass your limits.