Hudson Steel Company Manhattan Super Gym

Sale price$7,499.00

Experience Versatile Workouts with the Manhattan Super Gym

The Manhattan Super Gym from Hudson Steel offers a comprehensive fitness solution designed to cater to a wide range of exercises and training routines. This all-in-one gym combines multiple workout stations, including a peck deck, 30 Smith machine, high and low pulleys, rowing, landmine grips, and battle ropes, enabling users to perform various exercises such as free squats, power presses, and deadlifts.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Adjustable Pulleys Station: Equipped with quick trigger style adjustments, the dual adjustable pulleys station allows users to target different muscle groups with ease and precision.

  2. Dual Action Smith Station: The dual action Smith station features simultaneous horizontal and vertical bar movement, providing versatility in exercise options.

  3. Dual Racking System: Offering multiple positions for Smith exercises, the dual racking system enhances safety and adaptability during workouts.

  4. Dual Pulldown Pulleys Station: With varying lat exercise options, the dual pulldown pulleys station promotes upper body strength and muscle development.

  5. Dual Lower Row Pulleys Station: Featuring multi-foot positions, the dual lower row pulleys station offers versatility in rowing exercises for a complete back workout.

  6. Fixed Chin Up Bar: The fixed chin up bar includes multi-grip positions to target different areas of the upper body effectively.

  7. Clear Exercise Chart: An exercise chart displaying proper form and exercises is provided for user guidance and reference.

  8. Accessory Storage: Convenient storage for accessories, barbell holder, and weight horns ensures a clutter-free workout space.

  9. Landmine, Band Pegs, and Battle Rope Kits: Additional attachments such as landmine, band pegs, and battle rope kits expand exercise possibilities for users.

  10. Optional Half Rack Station: The optional half rack station features molded nylon hooks and safety racks, enhancing safety during heavy lifting exercises.


  • Weight Stack: Standard 2x 160lbs weight stack, with the option to add 2x 50lbs total weight for the Hudson Super Stack.
  • Optional Empire Bench available (sold separately).

Experience the ultimate versatility and functionality of the Manhattan Super Gym, designed to meet the diverse fitness needs of users seeking a comprehensive workout solution.