Hudson Steel Company Powerhouse Bench

Sale price$2,999.00

The Powerhouse Bench from Hudson Steel Company is a versatile and robust piece of equipment designed to enhance your strength training routine. With its innovative features and sturdy construction, it provides a safe and efficient platform for various exercises.

Key Features:

  1. Molded Nylon Guards: The bench is equipped with molded nylon guards that protect Olympic bars from damage, reduce noise, and provide a rest for safety spotters, ensuring a durable and quiet workout environment.

  2. Adjustable Design: This bench allows for flat, incline, and shoulder press exercises, all achievable with simple adjustments while seated. The seat automatically moves into the proper position when the back pad is adjusted from 0 degrees to 72 degrees, offering convenience and ease of use.

  3. Customizable Adjustments: With 15 linear back-forth adjustments, the bench accommodates varying users, ensuring optimal comfort and positioning during workouts.

  4. Versatile Functionality: The bench can be pushed inside the machine and used as a squat rack, providing versatility in exercise options and maximizing space efficiency in your gym or workout area.

  5. Safety Spotters: The bench features safety spotters that can be positioned at the optimum height to provide added safety and security during heavy lifting sessions.

  6. Open Frame Design: Designed with an open frame and elevated platform, the bench ensures effective and safe spotting, allowing users to push their limits with confidence.

  7. Storage Options: It includes storage for barbells, safety spotters, and weight plates, keeping your workout area organized and clutter-free.

  8. Additional Accessories: The bench is compatible with various accessories such as a landmine, band pegs, and battle rope kits, offering expanded workout possibilities and versatility.

The Hudson Steel Company Powerhouse Bench is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable and versatile strength training solution. Its sturdy construction, adjustable design, and array of features make it suitable for users of all levels, from beginners to experienced lifters, looking to achieve their fitness goals effectively and safely.